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Understanding Foot Biomechanics

Biomechanics is a field of study relating to how the body moves. Foot biomechanics studies how the structures of the foot work in tandem to perform timely functions, and how the feet interact with the lower leg. Feet act as mobile adaptors—absorbing shock to keep stress off the ankle, leg, knee and spine, while adapting to uneven surfaces—and as rigid levers allowing for a strong push-off during walking. When a person’s biomechanics work properly, they can move, walk, run and jump without pain or dysfunction. If you have any pain or immobility in your feet or ankles during these activities, contact a podiatrist. A biomechanical evaluation and gait analysis may help identify structural or functional abnormalities contributing to any dysfunction.

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Biomechanics in Podiatry

Podiatric biomechanics is a particular sector of specialty podiatry with licensed practitioners who are trained to diagnose and treat conditions affecting the foot, ankle and lower leg. Biomechanics deals with the forces that act against the body, causing an interference with the biological structures. It focuses on the movement of the ankle, the foot and the forces that interact with them.

A History of Biomechanics

  • Biomechanics dates back to the BC era in Egypt where evidence of professional foot care has been recorded.
  • In 1974, biomechanics gained a higher profile from the studies of Merton Root, who claimed that by changing or controlling the forces between the ankle and the foot, corrections or conditions could be implemented to gain strength and coordination in the area.

Modern technological improvements are based on past theories and therapeutic processes that provide a better understanding of podiatric concepts for biomechanics. Computers can provide accurate information about the forces and patterns of the feet and lower legs.

Understanding biomechanics of the feet can help improve and eliminate pain, stopping further stress to the foot.

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