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Because diabetes can lead to serious problems like diabetic peripheral neuropathy, all diabetes sufferers need regular diabetic foot care. At Grand Central Podiatry in the Midtown East area of Manhattan, New York City, skilled podiatrist Ernest Levi, DPM, uses the most advanced solutions for diabetic neuropathy and other diabetic foot problems, including therapeutic Vitamin B12 injections which can alleviate the need for anti-neuropathy oral medication. Call the office or click the online appointment maker to get help now.

Diabetic Foot Care Q&A

How does having diabetes affect my feet?

When blood sugar levels are too high for a long time, it can affect your body (and specifically your feet) in a number of ways. The most common diabetic foot problem is peripheral neuropathy, which occurs when the nerves are damaged or diseased, resulting in pain, weakness, and numbness. 

Poor circulation can also contribute to diabetic feet problems, including delayed wound-healing. This can potentially lead to skin breakdown, tissue death, and ulcers. Diabetes sufferers are also more susceptible to corns, calluses, bunions, toenail fungus, and ingrown toenails because of nerve and circulatory issues. 

How do I know if I have diabetic peripheral neuropathy?

Diabetic peripheral neuropathy is a condition that affects your peripheral nervous system, the nerves that deliver brain and spinal cord signals to your extremities. Up to 70% of diabetes sufferers develop diabetic peripheral neuropathy at some point in their lives. 

If you have diabetic peripheral neuropathy, you'll likely experience decreased sensation or numbness in your feet, particularly your toes. You may also feel a pins-and-needles sensation and/or burning in your feet.

How is diabetic peripheral neuropathy treated?

Although there's no current cure for diabetic peripheral neuropathy, Grand Central Podiatry offers early intervention and treatment options that can slow the progression of the disease and relieve your pain. Dr. Levi performs a comprehensive foot evaluation, including any necessary advanced testing, to determine whether your symptoms are due to diabetic peripheral neuropathy. 

He considers your specific needs to determine which treatment approach will work best for you. At Grand Central Podiatry, diabetic peripheral neuropathy treatment plans can include:

  • Massage
  • Stretching
  • Moderate exercise
  • Anti-inflammatory or other pain medications
  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)
  • Surgery to relieve nerve pressure caused by tumors

Dr. Levi also offers a unique vitamin B12 infusion that's helpful in both prevention and symptom relief. Infusion is far more effective than oral supplements because it introduces the vitamins straight into your blood instead of moving through the digestive system.

How often should I have diabetic foot care?

It’s important to examine your feet every day. Dr. Levi demonstrates foot exam methods you can use to monitor your feet at home. Additionally, you need professional diabetic foot exams at Grand Central Podiatry a minimum of once a year. 

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